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Flushing NY  


 The Queen Sewer and Drain cleaning service aims to provide their customers the satisfaction and comfort of never having to worry about clogged, damaged and non-functioning drains ever again. With the efficient and long lasting methods, technology and skill employed by the Queen. Sewer and Drain cleaning service, the areas of Brooklyn, Queens and Long Island will be rid of the hassle of unclean clogged and damaged drains and sewers. The Queen Sewer and Drain cleaning service has made it their utmost priority and mission to rid New York of the plague of jammed sewers and clogged, dirty drains.

Why are we a plumbing industry leader?

Our innovative, modern and technological advances and the use of efficient and effective skills and equipment to carry out the highly professional and detailed task of cleaning drains has led us to be a leading figure in the plumbing industry.

Constant change, innovation and acceptance of all methods of achieving our end goal have led to years of customer satisfaction that continues to place us at the head of the plumbing industry.


Sewer & Drain Repair & Cleaning

Queen Sewer and Drain does more than just cleaning out your drains. We also offer different types of drain maintenance services such as sink drain repair, drain stoppage, bathtub drainage, toilet unclogging etc. Queen Sewer can be your local sewer cleaner which can provide all sorts of sewer drainage services. Drain repair is very important because it keeps the drains in proper usage for a very long time. Drains that are not taken care of can rust and clog overtime. The rust within the drains can contaminate the water which can become a health issue for you and your family. It is not difficult to find drain repair services in your area.

Kitchen & Bathroom Draining

All kitchen activities require seamless water inflows which is why clean drains are very important. Queen Sewer and Drain offers a variety of local drain cleaning services and has special technology to help unclog and clean kitchen drain pipes. Be it cooking or washing dishes, clogged pipes can become an issue especially if the pipes have been congested with food remains. Contact Queen Sewer and Drain for NY drain cleaning services. We provide our services in Queens, Brooklyn, and Long Island. Bathroom pipe clogging is another crucial issue that needs to be urgently dealt with because it can worsen the bathroom’s situation in no time.

Bathtub & Shower Draining

There are instances where your bath tub or shower begins to drain slower than usual. Water begins to pool up and can cause difficulty while performing bathroom activities. Considering this problem, chances are that the drain has been blocked due to hair or general scum and needs to be taken care of immediately.  A leaking bathroom sink is the worst because it wastes water and keeps the bathroom floor wet and slippery constantly. The reason why drain and clog repair needs to take place immediately is because it allows mold and mildew to grow within the drainage pipes. Drain Maintenance is extremely essential in order to protect the plumbing within the walls of your home. Toilet drain issues can cause a lot of trouble and hassle for the family because a proper functioning toilet drain is an essential for everyone. Clogged drains in showers, bath tubs, and toilets can never be something that can go ignored.

Camera & Coloured Inspection Of Sewer

Drain cleaning and drain repair is our priority. Cleaning of sewers, drains and other drainage systems can only be carried out if the cleaners are aware of how messy the problem is. Drain cleaning is an expert job that requires skills, techniques and equipment of the finest quality. The best most cost effective and efficient drain repair can only be achieved when diagnosis of the situation is efficiently done. The colored camera inspection technology makes sure that the nastiest of drain cleaning problems and issues are identified immediately and accurately. Drain cleaning and repair cannot be carried out efficiently if the methods used to identify the problems are old and outdated.

Tub, Yard & Roof Draining

With the amount of rain in New York, areas like Queens, Brooklyn, and Long Island need proper roof and yard draining services. Standing rain water can destroy layering on the roof and can result in leakages through the walls. If the amount and duration of rain is high enough, yards can also be swamped which can cause mold and several other types of algae to infect your yard. This is where the NY draining services come into play, because these local draining services help in maintaining your roofs and yards so that you do not have to spend an adequate amount of time and money in recovering your roof and ceiling paint.

Water & hydro Jetting

Water and hydro jetting is one of the more modern techniques to force the grime, mineral, hair, filth, dirt and other unpleasant, unnecessary and problematic waste stuck down your drains. The method of hydro jetting employed by Queen Sewers and Drain cleaning service includes an extremely high powered pressure used to spray out water from a special pipe in order to accurately hit the clogged areas and force the dirt, hair, mineral and whatever else that may be causing the backup.